The Mission

As Christians, we are charged by Jesus Christ in the Great Commission to be on mission for his kingdom.  The charge of the Great Commission is explicit and its prescription did not end with the death of the apostles.   His orders stand even for us some two thousand years later.

In early 2018, Covenant Anglican Church, San Marcos, TX, committed to send a priest and his family to the community of Uvalde, TX.  The mission is to bring a Christ-centered, biblical, liturgical, sacramental, reformational, and historically informed Anglican Church to this South Texas town.  The Anglican Mission to Uvalde is a place for Christians and those being actively called into a relationship with Jesus Christ to worship in community together.

In short, the mission is to be obedient to Christ, be the visible Jesus in a broken world, worship him in Word and Sacrament, and build Christ-centered relationships with our neighbors.